Turkish hamam

Turkish hamam

The Turkish hamam dates back to the time of the Ottoman Empire, it is a bathing experience that relaxes and refreshes your body and soul. You will get rid of stress, fatigue and exhaustion, enjoy the gentle heat and steam on your skin, then have a foamy massage with the best handmade olive oil soap. You can experience the feeling of sultans by pampering your body and refreshing your soul and mind.

Make sure that you will get one of the best types of Turkish hamam with sauna and hydro massage sessions, you will feel relaxed after cleaning your body and detoxing it after 60 minutes of the bath, we also offer you special care with natural olive oil soap, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, and one use underwear.

We offer you a wedding bath, it’s a tradition that belongs to the Ottoman period especially in recent years. Wedding baths help to create unforgettable moments for the bride and her guests, so if you want to continue this tradition and spend a wonderful day with your friends just try it with Booking In SPA. 
Our company, Booking In SPA provides you with the best hotels in Turkey to make you have the perfect Turkish hamam. There are 8 Turkish baths including 3 historical baths which date from 400 years. Our programs diverse between 4 programs that you can try alone or with your family. We have specialists at your service.

Turkish bath benefits

  • It removes dead skin cells.
  • It gives you relaxation.
  • It relieves muscle tension.
  • It reduces stress and fatigue.
  • It improves your skin, brightens and smoothes it.
  • It improves blood circulation.
  • It helps you to detox. 
  • It purifies the respiratory system.