Don’t miss the warm, useful sauna experience for your body and clear mind. Booking In SPA provides a sauna program to comfort your mind and body, it’s a necessary activity for a better healthy life. 

The high humidity rate in the steam room makes the moisture loss of the skin less and the skin doesn’t lose any fluids during the detoxification of the body because of the moisture which it receives from the outside.

What should you expect from the sauna?

You conclude that sitting in the sauna room of the Turkish bath helps you obtain a lot of health benefits, and the most important of these benefits are: 

1- When you sit in the hot steam, your body temperature rises, which results in an increase in white blood cells and also the body sweats heavily, and as a result, the immune system is strengthened and many impurities, toxins and many harmful chemicals are removed through the pores of the skin. 

2- Steam also helps to increase the heart rate per minute, as well as increase the metabolic rate and blood circulation, and it helps to relax your muscles completely. 

3- The steam will relieve your feeling of tension and any kind of stress, it will also relieve high blood pressure, and you will feel refreshed.

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