Do you know that your body gets rid of between 30000 and 40000 skin cells daily? Clean your skin from dead cells and impurities using our peeling session, Enjoying a magical environment and warm, charming atmosphere, our seasoned team gives you an ultimate massage session.

You can choose between the 4 diversified bath sessions designed to meet your needs. Whether you prefer to relax with a traditional peeling or abdominal massage experience, or you can try The Turkish hamam from abdomen to buttocks, back and arms with mud mask, aromatherapy, facial massage and foaming sessions.

Booking In SPA contains all you need to have a perfect massage experience with an expert masseurs team, experienced in their field with a set of massage products and a space designed for your comfort, enjoying with a foamy bath, this session and bubble bath takes 40 minutes.

Say goodbye to your pain and try a relaxing back massage. It is a type of massage that relieves you from accumulated stress at a part of the head, neck and shoulder from the body. By applying light pressures to the energy points in these areas, it speeds up the circulation of energy in the body and ensures removing stress from your body.

Fight stress with the kind of massage that is applied slowly and deliberately. After massaging with soft movements, your muscles tissues will relax.

Benefits of massage

  • Your skin will be clean and glowy with the regular facial care. 
  • The massage with steam applied for patients who suffer from dry skin will make your skin more moisturized. 
  • Combination skin shows significant improvement after facial treatment. 
  • If the client follows the professional’s skin care advice regularly on how to take care of his skin at home, the products which are used on patchy skin will show significant improvements over time.