About Us

About Booking In SPA

Booking In Spa is the best Turkish bathroom company in Istanbul. The company enjoys a very good reputation in Turkey as an ideal resort that offers historical various types of Turkish baths.
The company was Founded in 2009 by a group of ambitious and experienced investors, the company has a large working team including Arab and Turkish people. 

Booking In Spa is a licensed company that provides Turkish bath services, massage, sauna, steam bath and best body care methods for men, women, children and families.

The company belongs to the well-known Middle East Group Booking in Group, an inherent tourism and travel company in Istanbul with 4 branches in Turkey, which has contracts with the best hotels, hospitals, airlines, clothing shops, factories, restaurants, all outlets and services needed by citizens and tourists to enjoy in one of the world’s most beautiful countries which is Turkey.

At Booking In SPA we work for you to make you enjoy the unique and distinctive Turkish Hamam and create the perfect environment to improve your physical and mental condition. The company is legally registered and trusted by thousands of clients around the world, and you can book your services by attending to our headquarters in Istanbul or online through our website.

Why Booking In SPA

We work only for your happiness, we provide you with luxury and pleasure. 
We are one of the oldest companies that serve the Turkish hamam. 
Our goal is to help you to get rid of all of the work and life stress. 

We help you to get a very special experience by pampering your body. 

We have contracted with the best hotels to provide different and special types of Turkish baths. 

BOOKING IN SPA company has been providing its services for 13 years in Turkey for all tourists from all over the world. Our company is licensed by the tourism Ministry of Turkey, and it is trusted by thousands of clients who have different nationalities. 

The company’s success comes from the major expansions by  contracting with a very special set of special hotels, and we work to offer comfort and relaxation for all of our guests at all of our branches all over the country. There are diverse programs of Turkish baths, and some of them are historical, which date back hundreds of years. 

All the services that we offer are suitable for you and your family, too. We have 4 programs of Turkish hamam, each of them different and distinguished from the other, and it consists of 8 Turkish hamam. There are 6 sessions of them that you will enjoy inside the hotel, and the other 2 sessions are outside the hotel. There are 3 of the Turkish hamam sessions whose age dates back 400 years. 

You can choose the suitable one for you from Turkish hamam, steam room, Sauna, SPA, the classic massage, Body care services, so you can relax and enjoy our luxury service to get rid of stress and exhaustion. 

Turkish baths help you to detox, enhancing self-confidence and pampering it. These sessions help you maintain low blood pressure, reduce sensation of pain and stress, help you to lose excess weight, maintain healthy skin and feel relaxed. It is the best meditation session that you can have. 

You can get all of these easily and from your place by booking your first session by communicating with us 24/7, book your session at the time that suits you, and choose the price that suits you, all this through distinguished customer service that works around the clock.

Our goals

  • Excellence and Creativity: At Booking In Spa, we always want to create a unique experience for our clients that distinguishes them from other competitors.
  • Staying on top: In 2023, we look forward to improving our guests’ experience and meeting all their desires, in order to remain their number one.
  • Our client comes first: Since we started seeking to maintain the loyalty  of our clients, we want to provide them with the best and work together until we reach the same goal.
  • Clear planning: We are striving for the development of our company, and our success is due to a team of the most qualified and best specialists in Turkey. We follow a very organized plan in order to build long-term success. 
  • Quality with price: We always strive to achieve the difficult equation in order to provide the best quality with the most suitable price.

Our values

The success of our company doesn’t depend only on our work, but also due to the existence of a set of principles, ethics and values ​​that we have been accustomed to for many years. In Booking In Spa, you will get: 

  • Credibility and integrity in dealing with us. 
  • Commitment and responsibility. 
  • Honesty and perfection. 
  • Creativity. 
  • Achieving the highest quality standards. 
  • Work according to the country law.

Our vision

  1. Our plan always aims to be the first choice for the clients who want to have the best experience of the Turkish bath, sauna, body care and massage sessions in one of the most important and largest companies that offer all types of Turkish baths.
  2. There is a joint cooperation between us and the major organizations and prestigious places in Turkey so that we can provide the finest services that aim at the comfort of the customer and his enjoyment of our refreshing Turkish bath experience in order to get rid of fatigue and stress.
  3. We are always looking forward to improving our services and developing them in a way that reflects the ongoing development in tourism in Turkey and the success achieved by the Turkish bath for many years. 
  4. We use the experiences of the most qualified and best specialists, therapists and masseuses in the country. 
  5. The company is progressing because of your trust in us.